Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sorry =(

due to unforeseen circumstances, the gathering is officially cancelled. =( sorry guys, 3 people cant make it at the last minute so there's too few ppl. and those remaining agreed that they'd rather postpone it so ... continue checking this blog for more information on the next gathering! have a nice day!

g10 gathering!

hey guys, gathering today at subang parade, swensen's. seven pm! last one to arrive pays. haha im just kidding.

anyway, if u guys dont want to eat at swensen's, we'll just meet outside then decide where to go from there then.

hope to see u there!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

gaylord ham sap lo!

Jaslyne. says (11:27 PM):
love you alll!!!
Jaslyne. says (11:27 PM):
see ya soon!!!
Dinesh says (11:27 PM):
wah me too?
Dinesh says (11:27 PM):
Jaslyne. says (11:27 PM):
Dinesh says (11:27 PM):
see ya
Dinesh says (11:27 PM):

Jaslyne. has left the conversation.

li-mae says (11:27 PM):
li-mae says (11:27 PM):
i was just about to say din din too?
li-mae says (11:27 PM):
oh no, he's going to be perasan!
li-mae says (11:27 PM):
Dinesh says (11:28 PM):
Dinesh says (11:28 PM):
Dinesh says (11:28 PM):
tooooo baaaaad
Dinesh says (11:28 PM):
she loves me ~
li-mae says (11:29 PM):
li-mae says (11:29 PM):
im gonna post this on g10 blog man!!
li-mae says (11:29 PM):
li-mae says (11:29 PM):
then i'll ask jas to read it
Dinesh says (11:29 PM):
Dinesh says (11:29 PM):
ah nvm
Dinesh says (11:29 PM):
u cant stop true love ~

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jay Chou - Secret

Jay's - Bu neng shuo de mi mi (Secret)

Hey, u tink u watch all the great movies dy? If not have not watch
tis 1, then u miss the GREATEST movie of this summer. It's a nice show, if
u dunno chinese also nvm , there is something call subtitle mah. Got good
jokes in the beginning. For 1st time directing, This movie is gd. I m praising
Jay Chou not just because I m a Jay Chou fan. This movie really great.

Monday, August 20, 2007

din din the nerd!

Dinesh says (11:24 PM):

muah hahaha i told u im gonna use it as proof! :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Guys' Toilet Notice

Dunno u c tis be4 or not but it's very funny! Ignore the chinese word.Even i
cant read it coz too blur.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Here to revived the blog a little... =)

Yo, guys... It's been a long time since i last written my post. hehe... sorry guys.

anyway, since jay introduced you all the interesting games, i would like to share one with you guys here.
P/S: please play when you are free as it will take alot of time to play.

Enjoy! and wish you guys to have a good holiday ahead! =)

One-Off R

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Relax yo! holiday also no post haiz!

Wah so long no new post dy. Holiday also no new post. Haiz!
ok another escape game here. tis 1 quite easy. Try it out!